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by Jes Kirkup7. January 2013 15:17

So a little bit about me first ...

Welcome to the blog site of Jes Kirkup, director and founder of Kirkup Technology Consulting Ltd.  I am an independent software consultant with many years of experience with various Microsoft technologies.  The last 5 years of my career I have specialised in SharePoint products and technologies and the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack which is based on SQL Server.

I have extensive knowledge of systems end-to-end including back end data analysis and database design, middle tier business logic layers and front end UI development with CSS3/HTML 5 and JavaScript.  I have also done some mobile application development with PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) and jQuery Mobile.

This blog will focus on my main interests SharePoint/BI but I also intend to write about anything that I find of interest.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Oh and a happy new year!

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